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Our algorithm analyzes both creators and their audiences, targeting people that truly care about your games.

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Influencer Campaigns
Don’t just target creators - explicitly target your potential customers.
  • Industry-Leading Targeting
  • Pinpoint Accurate Statistics
  • Developed for Publishers
Steam Broadcasts
Increase Steam sales by 125% with our premium broadcast solutions.
  • Non-Stop Live Broadcasts
  • Studio Quality Presentation
  • Fully Managed Solutions

“Streamforge is able to bring us unique services that we can't find anywhere else. They're fast and efficient, both being crucial when it comes to influencer marketing.”

Nicolas Weil
Senior Influencer Manager
Focus Entertainment

“We did several successful campaigns with Streamforge and always had great results and communication. I strongly recommend their services to gain visibility on Twitch and Steam.”

Jessica Richard
Communication Manager
Dotemu / The Arcade Crew
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the targeting algorithm work?
Say you have a game launching later this year, and you want to promote it on Twitch. We will create a list of similar games and process it through our proprietary matchmaking algorithm. This is where the magic happens. After an unimaginable series of calculations, we end up with a curated list of the most relevant channels watched by your targeted audience.

We could write a full page about how it works, but the most important thing is:

Our algorithm analyzes both the creators and their audiences, making sure sponsored content reaches people that truly care about your game.
What lead time do you need to start a campaign?
The ideal lead time for a project is 2 weeks or more. However, because we know things can come up last minute, our team is able to get a project launched even faster if necessary.
I don't have a massive budget, can you still help?
Yes. The minimum budget requirement to start a project is $5,000. This ensures we have enough resources to have a meaningful impact on the success of your campaigns. Otherwise, our Pay Per Sale product is a great alternative.